Adelaide Day 5: England Succumb in Under an Hour

Having a broad overview of past cricket matches can do wonders for any cricket betting strategy. Whether it is the Ashes series you want to bet on, or ODI matches, having an understanding of how teams perform in general is a must if you are serious about betting on the sport.

In the second Ashes Test in Adelaide, 2013, England and Australia battled it out for five days. The final test lasted just under an hour, with England succumbing to Australia’s strategic and powerful performance.

Bad Weather Conditions

It might have been the weather or the location. But even though rain was forecast for the whole day, the skies soon cleared up within 10 minutes into the match. While England did their best to pick up the pace in the fifth day of the test, they could not match up with Australia.

Australia won its sixth consecutive test during this specific Ashes tournament, which might have also played a role in England’s poor performance or lack of defence.

Bad Shot Selections from England

It looked as though England was relying on the bad weather predicted for the day, to use it to their advantage. Instead, the team continuously delivered terrible shots within the first over of the match. Stuart Broad faced several fastballs from Peter Siddle, all but one resulting in Broad being caught at deep square leg.

Graeme Swann attempted to turn the situation around with a tame edge but to no avail. All hopes for the match to turn around had already vanished like thin air.

Mitchell Johnson Named Man of the Match

While the entire team worked as a single entity during the test against England, it was Mitchell who once again took away the title of Man of the Match. Not only is Johnson an incredible cricketer, but he had an average of about 7.5 matches played per award won.

Incredible Turnaround for Australia

Things did look bleak for Australia during the Ashes tournament of 2013, but the test against England proved their rigour and talent once and for all. The boys from down under desperately needed this win to secure their spot in the lead and did not disappoint Aussie supporters during this exhilarating test.

Taking several factors and statistics into account is pivotal to cricket betting strategies. Always consider the athletes, teams, where they are playing as well as the weather conditions for the day. All these should give a good indication of how things may turn out.

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