Introducing the Old School Cricket Bats Hall of Fame

When you’re going up against your opponents in cricket, you want to be prepared with the best kit, while being in top condition. And, when it comes to batting, you want to have the best possible bat in your hands to ensure your talent is complemented with a great piece of equipment.

Bats have come and gone throughout the years. We’ve seen them in different shapes, sizes and designs. Bat manufacturers have also used several types of wood to perfect their craft in creating the perfect bat for competitive cricket matches.

But, what would you consider to be the best cricket bat brand of all time? Most of us have a dream of one day owning a high-end Gunn & Moore, while others drool over some of the bats manufactured by Gray-Nicolls.

In our Old School Cricket Bats Hall of Fame, we highlight some of the best bat brands of all time. These bats have been trusted and used by professional cricketers throughout the years.

Gunn & Moore

Probably one of the oldest in the industry, Gunn & Moore remains one of the best cricket bat manufacturers of all time. The company is known for using high-quality English Willow and for using the most technologically advanced techniques and machinery in the industry.


The name Gray-Nicolls is familiar to most cricket fans around the world. This cricket bat manufacturer is known as one of the best out there. Using only the best materials, techniques and technology, Gray-Nicolls cricket bats have stood the test of time.


Perhaps not as famous or popular as the Gunn & Moore or Gray-Nicolls brands, Kookaburra still deserves a spot here. The brand is however recognised worldwide as one of the best. The majority of Kookaburra bats are made of English willow and is perfectly shaped for excellent batting performance.


Perhaps not the oldest sporting brand out there, Puma does deserve a mention on this list. The brand manufactures high-end sporting equipment, including excellent cricket bats. All bats are made of English willow, which has to comply with Puma’s specific requirements.


It may surprise you, but a lot of professional batsmen around the world prefer batting with Spartan bats. And it is easy to see why. The brand crafts the perfect bats using only the highest quality materials, technology and techniques. Spartan bats are made of Super Grade I English willow, making it a great option for professional cricketers.

Kashmir Willow

While the majority of brands today use English willow, Kashmir willow is also known as a sought-after wood for high-quality cricket bats. The wood is sourced in Kashmir, India, where bats are also manufactured locally. A lot of local and international professional cricket players prefer using bats made of Kashmir willow.

Whether you played cricket as a child, or still belong to your local cricket club, chances are you’ve wanted to or already have owned any one of these types of bats before. These brands are known for providing top quality sporting equipment and bats to professional and recreational cricketers.

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