Channel 9 Commentary Is the Worst in TV Sporting History

If you love watching live cricket matches and tests while betting on the sport, chances are you already have an idea of which commentators offer the best commentary out there. It doesn’t matter which market you bet on, you probably have your favourite commentators and channels to listen to.

If you have ever had the opportunity to watch a match between Australia and India after betting on it, you might have listened to the explicitly daft commentary offered by the panellists of Channel 9.

Since the team at World Cricket Watch listen to a lot of commentaries, we can assure you that this team of commentators offer the worst commentary in the world of cricket. And, we recently uncovered why.

Apart from the nonsense and bantering, it seems the commentators are instructed to deliberately not report on the match at hand. Here’s why we believe Channel 9 offers the worst commentary in TV sporting history.

Style of the Commentary

While the commentators are encouraged to be impartial, they are also instructed to be ‘cheerleaders’ for team Australia at all times. In addition, they must call players on their nicknames, and refrain from talking about the cricket.

In fact, commentators should rather talk about sponsors, be cheerleaders, and talk absolute nonsense as instructed in their individual set of style instructions.

What to Talk About

As mentioned, the commentators of Channel 9 may not talk explicitly about the match or test taking place. In fact, they have to refrain from providing any significant information or insights during the match. Instead, they have to be cheerleaders and mention sponsors.

Mentioning of Sponsors

Commentators are explicitly required to mention channel sponsors, including corporate companies like KFC, The Cricket Travel Agency and Gatorade. In fact, they are encouraged to look for opportunities to refer to or mention channel sponsors.

When and How to Talk About Opponents

If the above is not upsetting enough, the Channel 9 commentators are also encouraged to talk poorly about Australia’s opponents, at each and every match or test. They cannot talk about the opponents unless they are undermining them or making snarky comments. What’s more, they are encouraged to say that Australia will turn things around if the opposing team is in the lead.

Individual Instructions

Finally, every commentator has his own set of personalised instructions on the style of his commentary and what he may or may not talk about during matches or tests. These absurd instructions seem to encourage the team of commentators to be the worst commentators in the history of cricket and sporting television.

It doesn’t matter which market you are betting on, if you love cricket and love betting on the sport, chances are you love listening to cricket commentary too. Commentary can be a vital source of information if you are a serious cricket bettor in India.

Do take caution when listening to some commentary though, as not all channels take cricket commentary seriously, as can be seen here.

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