England vs Pakistan Match-Fixing Scandal Video Footage

The cricket world was shocked in 2010 when footage of a massive match-fixing scandal was leaked by News of the World. In the footage, we can see how the match-fixer Mashar Majeed explains how the no-balls by Pakistani bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir will take place.

Majeed provides all the details of these events to the undercover News of the World reporter, including when each no-ball will take place.

Majeed demands money for the information shared, a staggering total of £150,000. The discriminating footage shows the reporter handing the crook the money he demands. Majeed, based in London, as well as the fixing-ring, was investigated by Scotland Yard.

Blatant No-Balls by Asif and Amir

The most shocking of all incriminating evidence is, of course, the actual no-balls served by Asif and Amir during their test match against England. The no-balls take place at the same time as Mashar Majeed had indicated during the staged transaction between the News of the World Reporter and Majeed.

Betting Syndicates to Blame

During the meetings with Majeed, reporters learned that the crook had contact with many players who would be more than willing to rig a match to favour betting syndicates.

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