India vs England 5th ODI Highlights

Any serious cricket bettor will tell you how important it is to have a broad overview of test match performances over time. How teams performed in the past, where they played, who the players were, and the weather of the day can provide valuable insights.

With World Cricket Watch by your side, you’ll always be able to come up with and adjust your cricket betting strategy accordingly. In this recap, we provide some of the highlights in astonishing India vs England ODI. Are you ready to take notes? Let’s get started.

Staggering Performance from India

In this hair raising and exhilarating match, India came out tops, defeating England by a staggering 95 runs. The most impressive of all players was none other than Dhoni, India’s talented captain. It looked as if England was blindsided by India’s resilient performance and Dhoni’s incredible captaincy and talent.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Takes Control

Dhoni proves to be an unbeatable cricketer, remaining unbeaten in all four innings in a test or match. The Indian captain has recorded a staggering five fifties in the last seven innings against England. What’s more, his incredible 75 individual innings during this test is the highest recorded.

Second Win for India Against England in ODI

During this series, India won England by 5-0, making it their second impressive win against England in recent years. India also won New Zealand 5-0 during the 2010-2011 ODI series. England, on the other hand, did not perform as well during this series at Eden Gardens.

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