New Zealand vs Pakistan 5th ODI Highlights

One Day International tournaments are probably one of the most popular formats of cricket in the world. The excitement of watching two international teams going up against each other compares only to the Cricket World Cup and Ashes Test Cricket series. But what makes it even more exciting is, of course, the opportunity to bet on these one-day matches.

With World Cricket Watch you will never miss out on any of the action at ODI tournaments. Here we recap some of the highlights of the New Zealand vs Pakistan ODI match.

New Zealand Takes a Back Seat

During the 5th ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan New Zealand was forced to take a back seat after being slashed by Pakistan. With a 227 score at the end, the New Zealand team went home empty-handed.

Pakistan Takes the Lead

With an impressive performance by Pakistan’s talented Shehzad, the team quickly took the lead. They won against New Zealand scoring a staggering 268 for 9, winning by 41 runs.

Betting on ODI in India

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